The Bushmasters Jungle Survival Course – Guyana




The Bushmasters Jungle Survival Course – Guyana


Jungle Survival $2,600 USD ~ £2020 GBP – payable to Bushmasters

This two-week Jungle Survival trip with Bushmasters takes you to the remote, pristine jungles of Guyana, in South America. With a Bushmasters Ex British Special Forces instructor and the vast knowledge of two senior, local Amerindian guides you will learn just how comfortable you can make yourself in the jungle with almost nothing to help you survive.

This is the most demanding and true to life jungle survival course you will find anywhere. It is deep in pristine amazon jungle in a truly awesome setting. Your only neighbours are the likes of monkeys, anaconda, caiman, and jaguar!


The Jungle Survival Experience

The Training Phase

In the jungle you will set up your own hammock camp; this will be your home for the next week! Then your training begins. You will be guided & shown all the skills you need to find water, make shelter, light a fire and procure food.

You will be eating some strange and tasty bugs, starting fires without matches or lighters, recognising water vines, fishing for piranha, stalking wild game with bow & arrow, and a whole lot more…

The Isolation Phase

Finally, training time is up and you’re put in a true-to-life jungle survival situation. On your own (or in a buddy pair) you’ll find yourself in a new piece of jungle where for the next few days you must do everything yourself. With no more than the clothes you’re wearing, your trusty machete, bow & arrow and belt kit, you’ll put all your new found skills to the test.

It won’t be easy. 30% of people pull out of the jungle survival course, so with not even a torch or a match to help you, let alone any other modern gadgets, it’ll be down to your wits and will to survive. Think you could cope!?

See 2020 & 2021 scheduled dates and costs below:

Trip Dates Season Price
Jungle Survival Trips 19th Jan – 1st Feb 2020 Dry US$2600 View Trip Details
Jungle Survival Trips 7th Jun – 20th Jun 2020 Wet US$2600 View Trip Details
Jungle Survival Trips 16th Aug – 29th Aug 2020 Dry US$2600 View Trip Details
Jungle Survival Trips 6th Dec – 19th Dec 2020 Dry US$2600 View Trip Details
Jungle Survival Trips 17th Jan – 30th Jan 2021 Dry US$2600 View Trip Details
Jungle Survival Trips 22nd Aug – 4th Sep 2021 Wet US$2600 View Trip Details
Jungle Survival Trips 5th Dec – 18th Dec 2021 Dry US$2600 View Trip Details

Full details on what’s included in the price can be found here

If you are interested in booking or have further questions get in touch, I’ve done this course myself & highly recommend it – I only recommend the best!

This is one of those life experiences, you will never forget. If booking directly on the Bushmasters page – Please mention you heard about the course from Back to Wilderness in the drop down!

You can now also book & attend a Core Skills Preparation course with Back to Wilderness in the UK. This Core Skills Course has been created in collaboration with Bushmasters & has been specifically designed to complement the Bushmasters Course as a preparatory introduction.

Don’t forget to check out the Bushmasters Survival Stories page, which details the Bushmasters jungle survival course from the perspectives of other past adventurers.


Back To Wilderness doesn’t deliver this course, but endorses & highly recommends it having attended in person.

Whats Included

What’s Included

Below is a generic outline of what the cost of a standard trip covers. Country specific documents identifying what is included in a trip will be sent to you at time of booking All the standard items below are included. On survival courses accommodation and food can vary dependant largely on you. You will be living in shelters you build and off food you catch for several days.
What is included?

All food for the duration of your trip with Bushmasters will be covered. This will range from the best Brazilian BBQ to the freshest Caribbean fish you are likely to have, to trek rations, which are basic and light, but sufficient. During survival phases we will find a variety of foods for you, plus you will have to find / catch some yourself! We do not provide food when you are in the main cities. This gives you the chance to get out and explore.
All accommodation ranging from hotel/lodges with en-suite bathrooms to jungle hammocks, or desert tents.
All the specific kit is provided. We do not believe you should have to buy specific equipment for only a few weeks usage, so we provide this. It also means you are confident you have the right stuff! You need to bring the remaining gear, though this tends to be items most people may have already or can make good use of in the future.
All internal, vehicle, boat and air transportation. Given the remoteness of the areas we work in and times of year, the type of transportation may vary. For example, in the wet season boats get to some places better than vehicles and vice versa in the dry season.
All staff and guide fees.
All park entry and usage fees.
All communications, medical and safety kit required for each activity.

What is not included?

International air fares. But we can give you advice.
Country exit taxes: currently GY$4000 (US$20) departure tax for Guyana. Belize and Jordan n/a
Travel Insurance. You must have this. We are in remote countries and if you need winching out by helicopter from hole we cut in the jungle canopy, you need insurance to cover this, plus medical attention, repatriation costs and so on. See Insurance.
Visas, if required. UK/US/EU citizens generally do not need a visa.
Souvenirs etc. you may want a traditional Amerindian bow and arrow, Arab Shemagh or Belizean art for example.
Alcoholic drinks.
Meals whilst in Georgetown, Caye Caulker, Lethem, Aqaba, Petra, Amman, Belize city etc.


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