Back to Wilderness

Simply put...

Back to Wilderness provides a high quality Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness educational platform within East Anglia. Providing a conduit for people to reconnect with nature and the regions beautiful surroundings, creating memories that will last.

Safely learn the fundamental skills required to survive and live in the wilderness, much as our ancestors did. From making fire, foraging, identifying and sourcing a meal to cook, to understanding what is readily available for a variety of everyday uses, in our natural environment.

The preservation of this knowledge is a collective responsibility, in which we can all share, and should not be left to a select few to safeguard.

Back to Wilderness operates within the historically rich region of East Anglia, home of; The Iceni in the 1st Century; The Angle Kingdom in the 6th-9th Century; The Vassal of Mercia in 7th -9th Century; The Danish Viking Kingdom 9th-11th Century; and now us...

Let Back to Wilderness help you start your journey as you step back in time to rediscover some of our heritage.

It just takes a spark of interest, I’ll help with the rest...



There’s greater focus on our natural world now and the affects we’re having than ever before. Though, ironically we’re becoming more detached from it, simply by the nature of our fast paced 21st Century lives...how often do we pause for breath and actually see this amazing world we inhabit?

Most of us are environmentally aware, recycling household waste, living greener lives and reducing our carbon foot prints...but what do we really truly understand about our surroundings and origins, do we really live in harmony with the world, or merely live on it? How different must life have felt for our ancestors, living from the land. They would have possessed incredible patience, perseverance & skills, evolved from a forgotten era.

I paused... I was so engrossed with technology and conditioned to the demands of City life, I forgot to see the world that we’re so dependent on.

My family, whom I love dearly inspired me, to help preserve this knowledge and share these skills with them, and anyone else who wants to learn. I’m passionate about the outdoors, and want to show that anyone can learn the basic skills required, to reconnect with and understand our natural environment and resources - it's never too late! The beauty is, I’m still learning and intend to continue sharing as I learn from different cultures around the world.

I’ve studied Wilderness Living/Bushcraft informally for a number of years and decided to take the next step and formally attain an NCFE Level 4 Instructor Qualification in the subject, followed by the Survival School NCFE Level 5 Course Directors Diploma. I also hold various other NCFE Level 2 and 3 Qualifications in related area’s around this same subject.... what an eye opener!

Experience & Certifications listed below

  • City & Guilds – Food Safety & Hygiene – Level 2
  • City & Guilds – Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross Cutting
  • City & Guilds – Chainsaw Felling Small Trees
  • First Aid – 16 hr Wilderness First Aid and 6 hr Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute (WEMSI) - Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
  • Survival School Level 2 Bushcraft, Survival & Wilderness Living Skills Qualification - NCFE CQ Accredited
  • Survival School Level 3 Foraging Qualification - NCFE CQ Accredited
  • Survival School Level 3 Primitive Crafts Qualification - NCFE CQ Accredited
  • Survival School Level 3 Animal Tracking Qualification - NCFE CQ Accredited
  • Survival School Axe Proficiency & Charcoal Making – has since become NCFE Level 3
  • Survival School Wayfarers Course
  • Survival School Coppicing Course
  • Survival School Level 4 Bushcraft, Survival & Wilderness Living Skills – Instructor & Mentor Qualification - NCFE CQ Accredited
  • Survival School Level 5 Course Directors Diploma - NCFE CQ Accredited
  • Creator of the Survival School Level 2 Wilderness Skills Range Techniques Course - NCFE CQ Accredited (Axe & Knife Throwing Techniques)
  • Creator of the Survival School Level 3 Wilderness Skills Range Instructor Course - NCFE CQ Accredited (Axe & Knife Throwing Instructor)
  • Creator of the Survival School Level 3 Indigenous Jungle Bushcraft Course - NCFE CQ Accredited
  • Enhanced DBS Checked
  • Safeguarding Everyone - Protecting Children, Young People & Adults at Risk (CPD Certified)
  • Guyana - Jungle Survival Training - Amazon Survival - Including 3 days Isolation - Bushmaster - 2015
  • Guyana - Jungle Survival Training - Amazon Survival - Including 5 days Isolation - The Wild Tales Inc - 2023
  • Nepal - Annapurna Circuit - Altitude of 5416m - 2022
  • Threshold Events - Race to the Stones 100km in 24hrs.
  • Lowland Search & Rescue Technician - 2017-2021
  • British Canoeing FSRT
  • British Canoeing PSL Aspirant
  • Quality Badge for Learning Outside the Classroom
  • Children's University Learning Destination
  • NNAS Silver Award
  • National Trust Learning Provider - Delivering "Wilderness School Workshops"
  • First Aid for Knife Attacks Level 2 (VTQ)