Choptoberfest – Scores

Humans v Zombies Leader Board 2020
Position Name Human or Zombie
Score out of 80
(k = score was doubled with a kill shot)
1 Suzie R (Winner) Human 72 (k)
2 Chris K Human 50
3 Jon A Zombie 50
4 Tony M Human 48 (k)
5 Tom W Zombie 8


Cumulative 2020 Scores
Humans (Winners) 170
Zombie 58

Upon arrival for each 1hr Choptoberfest session, each participant will be randomly assigned to the "Human" or "Zombie" team... they will be throwing not only for their own personal highest score, but the cumulative score of their kind too - It's survival! the end of each 1hr Choptoberfest throwing session, throwers will be invited to attempt a high score for entry onto this Human v Zombie annual score board.

Scores will be collated from 8 throws from the following items - which would give a maximum of 80 points (8 bulls eyes):

  • 3 Angel Axes
  • 2 Tomahawks
  • 3 Knives

In the very, very end both humans & zombies, will have 2 final attempts at a "kill" shot with the axes - humans will aim at an apple, zombies will aim at a munchkin pumpkin placed on the bulls eye. A single hit, which cuts the throwers kill shot target, will double their score.

  • Highest overall species score - that species wins and survives
  • Highest overall personal score, that participant survives for their species.

Prizes may be given, but remember it's all just for fun!

**Disclaimer** No Humans or Zombies will be harmed before, during or after this event, though some brave pumpkins and apples may remain to feed the deer after we have all left for the day!!!