High Lodge – Terms and Conditions

Back to Wilderness weekend courses discount for Discovery Pass holders

These Terms and Conditions are for Discover Pass Holder offers only - full BTW Terms and Conditions also apply.

Terms & Conditions
1. These terms and conditions are specific to Back to Wilderness customers and the offer known as ‘Back to Wilderness weekend course discount’, which is offered as part of the Forestry Commission’s ‘Discovery Pass’.
2. The offer gives a 15% discount for individuals or 20% discount for 2 or more people on a weekend course at High Lodge.
3. Discovery Pass number must be verified as current before the booking is confirmed.
4. An eligible customer may make further claims under this offer for further visits made on separate dates.
5. This offer does not apply to FC staff, FC business partner staff or Volunteers.
6. Taking up or claiming the offer constitutes an agreement between the Back to Wilderness & the customer, whereby the customer agrees to all applicable terms and conditions.
7. All offers are subject to the most current, published Back to Wilderness pricing structure.
8. Customer details provided will not be provided to third parties.
9. Booking on 07833 182180 is essential as presentation of a ‘Discovery pass’ does not guarantee availability.
10. Back to Wilderness and the Forestry Commission reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time without prior notice.