Forest Discovery Day

Forest Discovery Day – Thetford Forest High Lodge – 22nd MarchI’ll be running 2 sessions in the morning then another 2 in the afternoon. Minimum Age 7yrs old & Children to be supervised unless agreed otherwise. Sessions will be first come first served – maximum 15 people per session. Timings subject to adjustment depending on […]

Jungle Expedition Guyana

Jungle Expedition Guyana

The experience Part 1 & 2Jungle Expedition Guyana In November 2015, I travelled to Guyana to experience first hand what the real wilderness is like in the Amazon Jungle. I participated in Bushmasters 2 week Survival Jungle Expedition. Read how I came to choose this location, and how the trip developed. Click here to read the […]


The more I learn the more I realise just how little I know… a truly humbling experience…