Forest Discovery Day

Forest Discovery Day – Thetford Forest High Lodge – 22nd March

I'll be running 2 sessions in the morning then another 2 in the afternoon.

Minimum Age 7yrs old & Children to be supervised unless agreed otherwise.

Sessions will be first come first served - maximum 15 people per session.

Timings subject to adjustment depending on the weather on the day.

Hope to see you there!

11:00 & 13:30 - Fire - 45 mins £4 pp - all equipment provided:

o   Safety Brief, followed by demonstration of the following

o   Tinder

o   Producing a Spark – Fire Steel/Flint and Steel – Get hands on & have a go.

o   Producing a Flame – Demonstration

o   Using the Sun –  – Demonstration - if there is any!

o   Using Chemicals – (This is safe!)  – Demonstration

o   Electricity  – Demonstration

o   Friction – Bow Drill – Possible Volunteer - if time permits!

12:15 & 14:45 - Cutting Safety & Cutting Techniques 45 mins £4 pp - all equipment provided:

o   Safety Brief – Children to be supervised

o   Make a Woodland Mallet

o   Make a Tent Peg

Click here for more details Forest Discovery Day - High Lodge 22nd March

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